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Ebel Benny has done B Tech - Mechanical. He has a Work Experience in IT – Operations (14 months) and got admission in IRMA. Ebel belongs to Cochin. 


Determined to crack CAT with high percentile, Ebel appeared in CAT exam and scored 92.78 percentile. 


He has interest in Football, Trolls,Travelling.   

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Exam Score
92.78 percentile
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My exam prep strategy, experience & Advice:

For the benefit of MBA aspirants, MBAUniverse.com asked Ebel Benny about his preparation strategy and advice to do well in MBA entrance exams. Details follow:


MBAUniverse.com: What was your overall preparation strategy for CAT2016/ XAT 2017?
Ebel Benny (CAT topper): Learning from previous mistakes. This was my last attempt for CAT

A proper time table was made where time was allotted for all the three sections .I made sure that I attempted atleast 5 mock tests a week which improved my speed and decision making skills to attempt and not attempt the right questions.


After continuously working for long hours I used to reward myself with small breaks which included movies, small outings and parties. This helped me to refresh myself and resume working with more vigour. 


MBAUniverse.com: How did you prepare for IRMASAT? Please share your strategy? How much did you score in it?

Ebel Benny (CAT topper): Best material for IRMASAT is YOJNA and Kuruskshetra. Since its beyond our limits read Yojana & Kurukshetra GIST. Apps like Knappily and in shorts might come in handy

IRMASAT portion is of two parts.
1. Static : Govt. programs, development activities, Planning commission etc (pre 2014)

2. Current : Government schemes implemented recently (post 2014)


MBAUniverse.com: What would you suggest to IRMA aspirants to prepare for IRMASAT 2018?

Ebel Benny (CAT topper): If time permits read ‘Manorama Year Book’. It had covered almost all the areas of general knowledge required for attempting IRMASAT.


MBAUniverse.com: Please share your sectional preparation strategy for CAT2016/XAT 2017? How did you prepare for each section VARC, DILR, Quant? What study materials and books did you use?
Ebel Benny (CAT topper): I tried to improve the speed of my reading so that I wouldn’t waste my time in the reading comprehension parts. I had made the time table for preparations in such a way that equal time was allotted for DILR and Quant sections. My daily time table was in such a way that I worked on a combination of an easy and a difficult chapter. This ensured that I was not overloaded with work but covered all the chapters at the right time of time.


MBAUniverse.com: Was there any particular section that you were weak at? How did you overcome this challenge?

Ebel Benny (CAT topper): I was weak at Verbal Section. I get bored after reading passages. So on a daily basis I practiced 10 RC on time bound and during test I attempt 4 or 5 RC out of the 6 RC.


MBAUniverse.com: How can candidates use Mock tests better? What is your advice?

Ebel Benny (CAT topper):  Mock Test are to devise strategy for the D day. Try as many strategies as possible and identify the best one suited. After which it should be practised for at least 60 days (20 mocks). Analysing test is the most important part. For 3 hours test, atleat9 hours should be given for analysis 


MBAUniverse.com:  Did you go to offline coaching centre? What role does a coaching centre play?

Ebel Benny (CAT topper):  Partly Yes. I had two mentors who guided me through the test and interview preparation. They were part of a premiere coaching institute (IMS)


MBAUniverse.com: Other than CAT/XAT, which exam did you appear?

Ebel Benny (CAT topper): SNAP


MBAUniverse.com:  Which institutes did you apply for admission and which institutes offered you admission?

Ebel Benny (CAT topper): IRMA , IIM – Ranchi, I got selected to IRMA


MBAUniverse.com: Please share your strategy for the CAT/XAT Day. What was your last-minute preparation? How did you plan your CAT/XAT test taking?

Ebel Benny (CAT topper): Never study on three days before CAT then everything would be in our hand. Ensure that you have high score for the last mock test attempted before CAT. Never attempt any mock on last three days.

My scoring area is quant so I used to leave last 3 minutes of DILR to keep my mind freshen for the quant section. It worked on the D day also


MBAUniverse.com: Please share your GD/WAT topics & PI questions at different institutes and the ones who offered you admission?

Ebel Benny (CAT topper): IRMA had two group activities, of which one is HR level question and other is logical level. PI was mostly centered on “know thyself” and details on work experience.


MBAUniverse.com: Which B-school you decided upon and why? 

Ebel Benny (CAT topper): IRMA .It was my first and last option


MBAUniverse.com: Any message you would like to share with the candidates preparing for CAT 2017/XAT 2018 and for IRMASAT 2018?

Ebel Benny (CAT topper): Be calm throughout the preparation and the day of the exam as well. Kill the stress by yourself. For IRMA use both XAT and CAT score.


Exam Score
92.78 percentile
Exam year


Final calls
IRMA Anand: Institute of Rural Management
Topper Admission
IRMA Anand: Institute of Rural Management