IIM Placement 2024: Eight Out of Thirteen New IIMs Yet to Complete Placements; Salary Dips

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SK Agarwal
SK Agarwal
Editor, MBAUniverse.com
Updated on
May 20, 2024

It is Mid May 2024 and the MBA 2022-24 batches at all the IIMs are ready to pass out. While older IIMs have completed their final placements 2024, eight of the 13 new and baby IIM placements 2024 are not yet completed for 2022-24 batch. Even the new IIMs that have completed the placement, most of them have witnessed dip in average salary. The overall picture reflects slow IIM placement process as compared to last year. MBAUniverse.com has collated the data of latest New IIM placement and has prepared Placement Report 2024. The report features New IIM Placement 2024 Analysis with Year wise IIMs Placement statistics. Let’s review and analyse the New IIM Placement 2024 details as prepared and presented by MBAUniverse.com


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Table of Contents: New IIM Placements 2024

  1. New IIMs with 100% Placement 2024: Key Trends
  2. New IIMs with Incomplete Placement 2024
  3. New IIMs Placements Trends till 2023
  4. Old IIMs Placements 2024: Status & Trends
  5. Top Recruiters in IIM Placements 2024

1. New IIMs with 100% Placement 2024: Key Trends

IIM Bodhgaya, IIM Raipur, IIM Rohtak, IIM Ranchi and IIM Tiruchirappalli are the only 5 new and baby IIMs which have completed 100% placements so far out of 13 new IIMs. Except IIM Rohtak and IIM Ranchi which have registered marginal rise in average salary, IIM Raipur, IIM Trichy and IIM Bodhgaya have witnessed dip in their average salary in placement 2024.

NIRF Ranking 2023
Status of Placement 2024
Percentage Increase-Decrease in Average Salary
# 11
IIM Raipur
6% Drop
# 12
IIM Rohtak
3% Increase
# 22
IIM Tiruchirappalli
5% Drop
# 24
IIM Ranchi
8% Increase
# 53
IIM Bodhgaya
13% Drop

Status as on May 19, 2024

2. New IIMs with Incomplete Placement 2024

There are 8 new and baby IIMs which are yet to complete their placements 2024. The list is as below:

NIRF Ranking 2023
Status of Placement 2024
# 16
IIM Udaipur
# 19
IIM Kashipur
# 29
IIM Visakhapatnam
# 41
IIM Jammu
# 43
IIM Nagpur
# 51
IIM Amritsar
# 58
IIM Sambalpur
# 98
IIM Sirmaur

Status as on May 19, 2024

3. New IIMs Placement Trends

Most of the new and baby IIMs had completed placements 2023 early with good jump in average salary in 2023. However, most of these new IIMs are witnessing a dip in average salary in Placement 2024. Check Details below:

MBA Average Salary 2021
MBA Average Salary 2022
MBA Average Salary 2023
MBA Average Salary 2024
IIM Amritsar
Rs. 12.68 LPA
Rs.14.63 LPA
Rs.16.51 LPA
Not Completed
IIM Bodh Gaya Placements
Rs.9.92 LPA
Rs. 12.36 LPA
Rs.16.0 LPA
Rs.13.90 LPA
IIM Jammu Placements
Rs. 10.34 LPA
Rs. 13.53 LPA
Rs.16.43 LPA
Not Completed
IIM Nagpur Placements
Rs. 13.21 LPA
Rs. 14.94 LPA
Rs.16.74 LPA
Not Completed
IIM Kashipur Placements
Rs. 14.05 LPA
Rs. 15.21 LPA
Rs.18.11 LPA
Not Completed
IIM Sambalpur Placements
Rs. 11.21 LPA
Rs. 12.64 LPA
Rs.16.64 LPA
Not Completed
IIM Sirmaur Placements
Rs. 9.60 LPA
Rs.12.74 LPA
Rs.14.45 LPA
Not Completed
IIM Tiruchirappalli Placements
Rs. 14.85 LPA
Rs. 17.00 LPA
Rs.20.55 LPA
Rs.19.43 LPA
IIM Raipur Placements
Rs. 15.11 LPA
Rs. 17.73 LPA
Rs.21.04 LPA
Rs.19.70 LPA
IIM Ranchi Placements
Rs. 14.69 LPA
Rs. 16.17 LPA 
Rs. 17.30 LPA
Rs.18.69 LPA
IIM Rohtak Placements
Rs.13.74 LPA
Rs.16.06 LPA
Rs.18.73 LPA
Rs.19.27 LPA
IIM Udaipur Placements
Rs.13.42 LPA
Rs. 17.80 LPA
Rs. 20.32 LPA
Not Completed
IIM Visakhapatnam Placements
Rs. 12.62 LPA
Rs. 14.60 LPA
Rs. 15.47 LPA
Not Completed

4. Old IIMs Placements 2024: Status & Trends

Old IIMs like IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow have completed placements 2024. However, the placements trends of older IIMs also show marginal dip or slight increase in Average Salary. Check details below:

NIRF Ranking 2023
Old IIMs
MBA Average Salary 2021
MBA Average Salary 2022
MBA Average Salary 2023
MBA Average Salary 2024
# 1
Rs. 27.54 LPA
Rs. 32.80 LPA
Rs.34.45 LPA
After IPRS Audit in Oct 2024
# 2
IIM Bangalore
Rs.28.98 LPA
Rs. 33.82 LPA
Rs. 35.31 LPA
Rs.35.92 LPA
# 3
Rs. 22.53 LPA
Rs. 29.50 LPA
Rs. 31.02 LPA
Not Completed
# 4
Rs. 29.00 LPA
Rs. 34.20 LPA
Rs. 35.07 LPA
Rs.35.07 LPA
# 6
IIM Lucknow
Rs. 26.00 LPA
Rs.31.03 LPA
Rs.32.20 LPA
Rs.30 LPA
# 8
IIM Indore
Rs.23.60 LPA
Rs. 25.01 LPA
Rs. 30.21 LPA
Rs.25.68 LPA

Source: MBAUniverse.com IIM Placements Analysis

5. Top Recruiters in IIM Placements 2024

All the new IIMs are conducting their placement process for 2022-24 batch in person and as such the companies have also preferred to visit the IIM campus for placements instead of online assessment for the recruitment. Some of the top recruiters that visited IIM campus for placements include - Accenture, Bain & Company, BCG, Deloitte, E&Y, GEP, HCL Tech, Infosys, Kearney, KPMG, McKinsey, PwC, Axis Bank, Bank Of America, Barclays, CITI Bank, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, JSW, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Aditya Birla Group, Microsoft, ITC, HUL among others


While the top IIM Placements 2024 like that of IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow are already over, but the IIM Placement process at even some of the top IIMs like IIM Kozhikode is yet to be over. Another key observation in top IIM Placements 2024, New and baby IIMs placements 2024 is that there is average salary dip in most of them. Despite marginal dip in average salary, the new IIMs are registering good salary packages for the increased size of their batches. It is also observed from the analysis of new IIM Placement trends above that the placement 2024 process is not as strong as was last year and most of the IIMs are yet to complete the placements 2024. Since nine of thirteen new and baby IIMs placements 2024 is yet to be completed, the IIM Placement scenario will be reviewed after more IIMs complete their placement process.   


Hope you found this article useful on New IIM Placements 2024 with all the latest placement data and key trends. If you wish to read the complete placement report of relevant IIM, click on the respective IIM link.


Stay tuned to MBAUniverse.com for more updates on MBA education in Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs)


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