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Ashish Patial belongs to Chandigarh. He did diploma from Indo-Swiss centre, CSIO, Chandigarh and then completed AMIE course, equivalent to a BE degree from the Institution of Engineers. He was employed with Global SGS, Chandigarh while preparing for CAT and MAT exams. Despite being a working professional, he studied hard to crack the exams with high scores.

Ashish is not a book worm. He loves football and riding his bike.

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My exam prep strategy, experience & Advice:

For the benefit of MBA aspirants, Ashish Patial shares about his preparation strategy and advice to do well in MBA entrance exams. Details follow-


Q. Took time out of busy working schedule

A. I was employed with Global GSS, Chandigarh when I decided to prepare for CAT & MAT. I made it a point to study regularly however tired I was. In my 1st attempt at CAT I could score 97 and in the 2nd attempt I hit 98.5 percentile. Since the Centralized Admission process (CAP) in Maharashtra allows admission on the basis of all the All India exam scores, I appeared in MAT also and cracked it with 800 out of 800.

Despite facing the shortage of time, in the last two years, I studied way more than I studied in the last 22 years of my life. If I could not study on a particular day due to over work and my busy schedule, I studied for 9-10 hours on holidays and week-ends.


Q. Prepared hard to improve English

A. I was not very good in English, so whatever, I had in front of me, I read it every-day which ultimately helped me increase my speed in English and improved my vocabulary base. This resulted in high score in English in MAT & CAT exam.


Q. Math my strong domain-improved it further

A. Mathematics is my strong area. I further strengthened it. In fact your strength can be a game changer. I was good in the subject but for the exam, I aimed to be excellent to increase my overall score. I also aimed to be good in English and thus focused more on this subject. If I have to rate myself on the scale of 10 (before my preparation), I would say, I was 2-3 in English and 6-7 in maths. But after my preparations, I was 9-10 in maths and 6-7 in English


Q. My CAT preparation helped much

A. I prepared for CAT and this helped me a lot to crack MAT with top score. My 1st attempt at CAT yielded 97 percentile but the second attempt brought me a score of 98.5 percentile.


Q. Coaching not a necessity

A. Coaching is very helpful in preparation but only if you need guidance. If you are a self-motivated person, can do self study and preparation, you may not need any coaching. A sincere, dedicated time and rigorous preparation will help you crack the exam.


Q. Practice plenty of Mocks

A. Whether MAT or CAT, the need is to practice plenty of mocks with good speed and accuracy and must know how to choose and prioritise the MAT exam sections in order of preference.

 Two other things test takers should note are that you should know your strengths and weaknesses and leave your ego outside the examination area.


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JBIMS Mumbai: Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies
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JBIMS Mumbai: Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies