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August 28, 2020

IRMASAT 2021 will be held at IRMA in February 2021 after shortlisting process is completed by IRMA for final selection round which comprises IRMASAT, Group Activity and Personal Interview.


IRMASAT exam syllabus defines the key source topic of ‘Issues of Social Concern’. The questions on  Social Awareness Test are likely to test the candidate’s basic understanding of all relevant issues, and ability to analyze, and take a view on conflicting socio-economic goals, objectives and demands. This test is intended to test the candidate’s awareness of current national issues and topics of social relevance in present-day India. The important topics in IRMASAT 2021 exam syllabus are:


1. Indian Economy & Governance

  • Indian economy and issues relating to India’s national income and its composition; per capita income
  • Millennium development goals, human development, HDI and its achievements by India
  • Issues in demography: rural and urban population, sex ratio
  • Issues arising from the social and economic exclusion of large sections from the benefits of development such as poverty and inequality: poverty levels; poverty line; disparities in income, employment and literacy by rural-urban background, and gender and social groups like caste and religion
  • Right to information; Issues relating to good governance and accountability to the citizens including the maintenance of human rights, and of probity in public life.
  • Planning in India, Five Year Plan- goal, targets and strategies.

2. Agriculture & Rural India
This topic in IRMASAT exam syllabus for MBA covers all the key topics as follows:

  • Definitions of Agriculture related activities
  • Agriculture in India, crop and livestock production systems
  •  Approaches to rural development: basic features of target based approach, area based approach, right based approach; participatory development
  • Rural poverty alleviation and development programmes– goals, features and major achievements: green revolution, operation flood, land reforms, NREGA, ICDS, IAY, SSA, and NRHM
  • Institutions in rural development-policy, role, and characteristics; rural banks, NGOs, co-operatives, PRIs, corporate social responsibility.
  • Major events that took place are also a part of IRMASAT 2021 syllabus
  • Various National and International organizations concerning the Agriculture and Rural development with special reference to India and underdeveloped countries
  • Government Announcements and statistical data on Agriculture and Rural India

3. Key Social Issues
Social movements, recent legislations on social issues are some of the topics on which questions are asked in IRMASAT.   Internal security, naxalism, and related issues such as the preservation of communal harmony are also also important topics in IRMASAT syllabus.  A few important social issues making impact on social life and are covered in IRMASAT syllabus 2021, are:

4. Other Important topics
Other important topics in IRMASAT 2021 syllabus for MBA include:

  • Abbreviations of various schemes – PMRY, MNREGA
  • Poverty Line definition – BPL
  • GDP Measurement
  • Co-operative Movement in India
  •  Health issues including the management of public health, health education, and ethical concerns regarding health-care
  •  Primary education, regional variation in the level of education, educational status of different social groups
  • Environmental issues, ecological preservation, conservation of natural resources.

Questions Based on IRMASAT Syllabus
Below are a few questions based on IRMASAT syllabus for your reference


Q.1 The Prime Minister of India launched a National Action Plan on climate change. The plan contains eight national missions by which India will be able to combat climate change. Which of the following is not one of them? National Mission on ____

(1) Solar Energy

(2) Conserving water

(3) Nuclear free world

(4) Sustaining Himalayan Eco system

(5) Sustainable agriculture


 Q.2 The World Environment Day is celebrated every year on which of the following days?

(1) 5th August

(2) 5th July

(3) 5th June

(4) 15th June

(5) 15th July


Q.3 Which of the following will help poors in a country to come out of their poverty?

(A) If they get good Health Services

(B) If they have freedom from illiteracy

(C) If the nation attains optimum Sex Ratio


(1) Only (A)

(2) Only (B)

(3) Both (A) & (B)

(4) Only (C)

(5) All (A), (B) & (C)


Q.4 The agricultural activities in which of the following states are NO MORE dependent on rains only?

 (1) Punjab

 (2) Uttar Pradesh

(3) Orisssa

(4) Bihar

(5) Jharkhand


Q.5 Which of the following is certainly a part of the measures for “Financial Inclusion”?

(1) Introduction of no Frill Accounts by the Banks

 (2) Special Economic Zones

(3) National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

 (4) Look East Policy

(5) None of these


Q.6. Small Loans provided by the banks to very poor families most often without any collateral is popularly known as _____

(1) personal finance

(2) project finance

 (3) micro finance

(4) macro finance

(5) None of these


Q.7 How can the productivity of land be increased?

(A) By use of chemical inputs

(B) By rainwater harvesting

(C) By facilitating surface irrigation


(1) Only (A)

(2) Both (A) & (B)

 (3) All (A), (B) & (C)

(4) Only (C)

(5) none of these


Important Note on IRMASAT Syllabus
The above questions are indicative only. You should refer to IRMASAT syllabus and prepare accordingly.

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