IMI Bhubaneswar: International Management Institute
Private Established 2011
Address : IDCO Plot No 1, Gothapatna, Malipada
City: Bhubaneshwar | State: Orissa Rank: 48 | AA | NIRF Rank: 67
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IMI Bhubaneswar offers Institute based Merit Scholarships and other scholarships to students to support them to pursue the management program with reduced financial burden as MBA education is getting more and more expensive. MBA scholarships, offered by the MBA colleges in India not only reduce the burden of high MBA Fee, it turns out to be good support during the MBA course. Since students’ dream of doing MBA from one of the top MBA colleges requires lot of money during the course of study, the MBA scholarship offers fee waiver depending upon your performance in entrance exam, academics, category and skill set. To reduce the financial burden on Meritorious students, Good MBA colleges offer number of MBA scholarships to its students in first and second year of MBA course.


IMI Bhubaneswar Scholarships
IMI Bhubaneswar scholarships are offered to meritorious and needy students. IMI Bhubaneswar has the provision for awarding the following scholarship and rewards to the deserving performers.


Pre-Admission Scholarships*

  • Merit Scholarship: Up to Rs. 1 lakh Merit Scholarship is awarded to the applicants having a first-class career and securing at least 80 percentile in CAT/XAT/CMAT and at least 80 percent in GMAT
  • Merit scholarship for women candidates: 20 percent additional merit scholarship for female applicant fulfilling the above-mentioned criteria
  • Defense personnel: Wards of defense personnel are eligible for a scholarship of Rs. 50,000. Wards of Martyr’s are eligible for a scholarship of Rs. 1,00,000
  • Wards of Martyrs: The wards of Martyrs are eligible for a scholarship of Rs. 1,00,000

*Only one of the above-mentioned pre-admission scholarships can be availed. 50 % of the scholarship availed will be disbursed at the end of the first year and next 50 % at the end of the second year. A candidate can avail either tuition fee waiver or pre- admission scholarship. Scholarship Committee’s decision is final and binding on all applicants.


Post-Admission Scholarships
Merit scholarships are awarded for outstanding cumulative academic performance. Summer internship scholarship is awarded to emphasize the seriousness of summer internships and encourage the students to put in their maximum effort.


IMI Bhubaneswar Scholarship Eligibility Criteria, Amount and other details

Scholarship Name
Eligibility/Award Criteria
Amount of Scholarship
Brief description and other details
Parents’ income should be less than 8 lac.. The candidate CAT score is high
Full tuition fee waiver
Bright candidates who belong to economically weaker sections get full tuition fee waiver
Meritorious candidates
CAT/CMAT 80 % and above and 60 % and above in 10th,12th & Graduation
As per calculation from all academic scores
Weightage is calculated
Wards of defense personnel
Candidate should be a ward of defense personnel
1 lakh per year
We apply for all candidates they select a few candidates for the same
SIP Projects
Performance based
10,000 to 25000
As per performance
Academic scholarships
As per merit
20,000 to 50,000plus gold, silver and bronze medel.
As per merit


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