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Updated on
Tuesday, May 23, 2023

IIM Lucknow to Conduct CAT 2023: Check Key Changes in Pattern, Syllabus; Top 500 MBA Colleges to Accept Score for Admission 2024


Latest Update: 

  • IIM Lucknow likely to conduct CAT 2023 on Nov 26, 2023
  • CAT 2023 to be conducted in three slots
  • Each slot will have time duration of two hours
  • CAT Notification 2023 is likely to be Released on July 30, 2023 with Complete Schedule
  • CAT Preparation: Check how to self prepare with best Books in Schedule time frame 
  • CAT Coaching to Prepare for CAT 2023: Top CAT Coaching Institutes & Programmes
  • CAT Registration 2023 likely to Start from August 2023 first week ​

Conducted by one of the six top IIMs every year by rotation, Common Admission Test (CAT) is the MBA entrance exam for MBA admission in 20 IIMs and other top B-schools. This year, CAT 2023 will be conducted by IIM Lucknow most likely on November 26, 2023 in more than 155 cities. With CAT 2023 score, MBA admission 2024 at 20000 seats in top colleges will be offered to the students. Considered as the most prestigious and the largest MBA Entrance exam for MBA admission, CAT witnesses more than 2 lakh applicants and the number is going up. CAT 2022 witnessed 2.55 lakh applicants and out of them 2.22 lakh appeared in the exam. Below are important CAT 2023 exam dates & details, Syllabus, Pattern, How to Prepare for CAT, Top MBA colleges accepting CAT and other key information

CAT 2023


Table of Contents

1. What is CAT Exam?

2. CAT 2023 Exam: Key Features & Highlights

3. CAT Exam Pattern 2023: Key Changes & Revised Structure

4. CAT 2023 Exam Syllabus: Overall and Section wise syllabus

5. CAT Preparation: How to Prepare in 3 to 6 Months with CAT Books, Top CAT Coaching Institutes

6. CAT Eligibility Criteria 2023 for CAT entrance Exam

7. CAT 2023 Registration & Application: CAT 2023 Form Filling Process

8. Top MBA Colleges Accepting CAT 2023 for Admission 2024

9. CAT 2023 Important Dates

10. CAT 2023 Admit Card

11. CAT 2023 Result & IIMs’ Admission Process

12. Important Changes in CAT over the Years

13. Important Points about CAT 2023

14. FAQs on CAT: Answers by Experts 


1. What is CAT Exam?
Common Admission Test - CAT 2023 is the mandatory entrance exam for MBA admission 2024 in all the 20 IIMs, FMS Delhi, SPJIMR Mumbai, MDI Gurgaon, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur; NITIE Mumbai and hundreds of other top B-schools in India. More than two lakh candidates appear in CAT every year to explore admission opportunity in MBA programmes offered by IIMs and other top MBA colleges in India. Salient Points about the Exam are:

  • A computer based test conducted at more than 150 test cities and 300 test venues
  • Since 2020, CAT exam duration is reduced to two hours from earlier three hours
  • The exam is divided into three sections of Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension; Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning; Quantitative Ability
  • Each Section in the exam has to be attempted in a fixed individual time limit.
  • Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) will offer admission on the basis of CAT 2023 score only and will not accept any other test score

2. CAT 2023 Exam: Key Features & Highlights
Following are the key features of IIM CAT 2023 exam details like CAT Full Form, Notification, CAT 2023 exam dates, Eligibility, Exam Structure among other details

CAT Full Form
Common Admission Test,conducted on yearly basis for MBA admission by one of the 6 older IIMs 
CAT Exam Date 2023
November 26, 2023
CAT Entrance exam sessions
Likely to be Conducted in 3 sessions – Morning, Afternoon&Evening on same day
CAT 2023 Conducting Institutes
IIM Lucknow. IIMs are the CAT conducting Institutes
CAT Entrance Exam Mode
Computer based exam but not an online exam
When to Check for CAT 2023 Notification
From July 30, 2023 onwards, at and in Newspapers
Details in CAT Notification 2023
CAT Exam details, Application fee, Registration dates, IIMs & their management programmes through CAT
Maximum Age Limit to appear in IIM CAT
No Age Limit, Graduates with 50% marks can apply
Number of Questions in CAT 2023
66 questions divided in 3 sections
CAT Exam Time Duration on CAT 2023 Exam Date
2 hours for each Slot
Sectional Time limit
40 minutes for 1 section
Name of sections and number of questions
VARC-24 Questions; DILR-20 questions; Quant-22 questions
Expected Difficulty level
Moderate to Difficult
Order of Sections
Pre-fixed, no change allowed
Colleges Accepting CAT 2023 for MBA Admission 2023
20 IIMs, FMS, MDI, SPJIMR, IITs, IMI, IMT& 500 other MBA colleges in India
CAT Exam Fees 2023
How to Apply for CAT 2023
Application process is online only
CAT Official Website for CAT 2023 Form Filling
IIMs’ Application Fee
No Separate Application Fee to apply for IIM.  Registration Fee covers application fee of all 20 IIMs 

3. CAT Exam Pattern 2023: Key Changes & Revised Structure
Since 2015, CAT exam has remained on similar pattern, except for last three years which may be  followed for CAT 2023 also, in terms of time duration, number of questions and sections as under:

  • 120 Minutes Exam: CAT 2023 is a computer delivered test of 2 hours duration but it is not an Online Exam
  • 66 Questions: Like last year, CAT 2023 exam will have 66 questions divided in 3 sections of VARC, DILR and Quantitative Ability. Earlier it used to have 100 questions divided in three sections
  • 18-20 No Penalty Questions: Out of 66 questions, there will be 18 or more questions which will not have negative marking. CAT 2023 exam is divided into MCQ and Non-MCQ type of questions and the Non-MCQs do not carry negative marking. In case any non-MCQ has negative marking, a few MCQs are changed to no negative marking questions.
  • 48-50 CAT Questions with Negative Marking: More than 48 questions in CAT 2023 are of MCQ type and will carry penalty of 1/3 negative marking
  • CAT cut off Requirement by IIMs: A Minimum qualifying score between 70 and 90 percentile in CAT 2023 is required by IIMs in each of the 3 sections to shortlist candidates for final admission round
  • IIM Shortlisting Criteria: Apart from High score in each of the 3 sections in the exam, if you have good academic profile with diversity, work experience, you are a preferred candidate to get admission into IIMs.

3.1 CAT Pattern 2023: Revised Structure of Question Paper
The table below shares the sectional order, number and type of questions in each section, questions with and without negative marking for each section for the 2 hours exam 

CAT 2023 exam components
MCQs (With negative marking)
 Non-MCQs  (TITA Qs Without negative marking)
Total Questions
Section-1: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC) 
(Time limit: 40 Minutes)
Section-2: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)
(Time Limit: 40 Minutes)
Section-3: Quantitative Ability (QA)
(Time Limit: 40 Minutes)
Total (Overall) (Time limit: 120 Minutes)

Source: Based on CAT 2022 Pattern 


4. CAT 2023 Exam Syllabus: Overall and Section wise syllabus
Although the exam Syllabus is not pre-defined by IIMs, it overall tests the candidate on Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension; Quantitative Aptitude; Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning.During the last 5 years, CAT exam syllabus has substantially changed. Major changes in CAT Syllabus 2023 are:

  • The Syllabus is changed and contains different type of questions with a combination of MCQs & Non-MCQs.
  • 25-30% Questions are no penalty questions now
  • Most of the changes in syllabus have taken place in the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Section as the share of Reading Comprehension based questions has increased as compared to Verbal Ability questions
  • A few changes in syllabus have been introduced in Quantitative Ability section with more focus on Arithmetic questions

4.1 CAT Syllabus Section-Wise

Sectional Division
Overview of Topics in the CAT Syllabus 2023
Weightage in exam
Quantitative Ability (QA)
Arithmetic, Modern Math, Number System Algebra, Mensuration, Trigonometry, Geometry
Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)
Data Charts, Data Tables, Bar Graphs, Venn Diagrams, Seating arrangement, Team formation, Clocks & Calendars
Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)
Long & Short Passages Jumbled Paragraphs; Para-summary Picking the Out of context sentence from a jumbled paragraph

Read More about CAT Syllabus


IIM Shortlist


5. CAT Preparation: How to Prepare for the Exam?
A few months of devoted preparation can enable you to crack CAT exam as it requires ‘Smart Preparation.’ You can self prepare for the exam with best books; can join a coaching or can have a mix of self preparation and guidance from coaching. Key aspects of preparation, as per the experts, are:

  • You should have strong basics with clarity on concepts
  • Improve your weak areas and strengthen your strong areas
  • Consistent revision is required with Mocks, practice tests, Quizzes
  • Prepare a list of topics as per the syllabus and improve on each of them
  • Form a peer group on social media for preparation
  • Focus more on RC in VARC section; focus equally on DI & LR and practice more Arithmetic questions to clear the section wise cut offs
  • Time Management with Accuracy & Speed is required. Consistently improve on them
  • Consult best CAT preparation books and attempt their practice questions
  • Read Interviews and tips from CAT Toppers studying at IIMs, FMS, SPJIMR, MDI, on their CAT preparation strategy published on and other channels

5.1 Preparation for VARC, DILR, Quant
The section wise CAT preparation strategy is very important. Key tips to prepare for each section is as below:


5.1.1 Preparation for VARC

  • Go through the Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension Syllabus 
  • Choose the Best books
  • Read the strategy for CAT Verbal Ability Preparation of past CAT toppers How to Ace CAT Verbal Ability
  • Questions on RC passages in CAT constitute 70% share and Verbal questions are 30%. So focus and practice more RC based questions to crack CAT

Section-1: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC): Composition

Total MCQs (With negative marking)
Total Non-MCQs (Without negative marking)
Total Questions
Key Sectional Highlights
4-5 RC Passages with 16 to 18 MCQs; VA 6-8 MCQs and Non MCQs divided into Para jumbles, Para Summary, and Out of Context Sentences

Read More


5.1.2 Preparation for DILR
DILR is the 2nd section in CAT exam. It plays very important role to clear the cut off percentile. The section has equal number of Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Questions. You need to practice more to score high in this section. Experts advise following tips to prepare for DILR:

  • Data Interpretation questions for CAT test your analytical skills of interpreting the Data given to you in the form of Table, Chart, Graph or in other form
  • Logical Reasoning for CAT constitutes 50% share in the newly created Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation Comprehension (DILR) Section in CAT
  • The goal of scoring high in CAT 2023 can be achieved with small but consistent efforts and time devoted to the DILR section.
  • DILR preparation for CAT requires you to first get as many as DILR practice questions for CAT
  • To move in direct DILR preparation direction, it will be better to refer to DILR questions for CAT with solutions

Section-2: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR): Composition

Total MCQs (With negative marking)
Total Non-MCQs (Without negative marking)
Total Questions
Key Sectional Highlights
LR – 10 Ques
DI –  10 Ques
All in Sets of 4-5 Qs

Read More


5.1.3 Preparation for Quant
Quantitative Ability (QA) is the last section in CAT exam. It can improve or reduce your CAT score substantially. To score high in this section, experts advise following tips:

  • A three dimensional approach is recommended on CAT Preparation for Quant section
  • Strengthen your basics and formulae in Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Modern Math and allied topics
  • Practise on variety of questions of different difficulty level
  • Finally solve previous CAT papers and Mocks for each topic. The more you do it, the more expertise in Quant section for CAT, you will get.
  • QA Sectional Composition

IIM Admission


Section-3: Quantitative Ability (QA)

Total MCQs (With negative marking)
Total Non-MCQs (Without negative marking)
Total Questions
Key Sectional Highlights
High on Arithmetic. Other on Log, Geometry, Roots, Algebra 

Read More


5.2 Best Books for CAT Preparation
IIM CAT has been changing its pattern and every year different types of questions appear in the exam. During the last few years, the CAT has been modified completely.  Most of the CAT preparation books in the market are based on the previous CAT exam pattern but the best CAT books shared here have updated changes with the anticipated question type in CAT exam. While choosing the best books for CAT, it should be kept in mind that the books are conversant with the changed exam pattern and difficulty level. Few things to check in the books are:

  • Should Provide conceptual clarity on the relevant CAT topic
  • Rich on the exercises, practice questions and Mocks given after each topic
  • Caters your need to focus more on the weak areas with variety of practice questions  
  • Latest edition of CAT preparation Book offers the updated exam pattern and syllabus also

5.2.1: 10 Best books for CAT Preparation
If you are self-preparing for CAT or are preparing with the support of CAT coaching institute, in both the cases, the latest edition of the CAT books for preparation as shared below will help you in conceptual clarity, practice questions and attempting the sample papers

  • How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT- by Arun Sharma & Meenakshi Upadhyay
  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT by Nishit K Sinha
  • Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension by Ajay Singh
  • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
  • How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT by Arun Sharma (Published by McGraw Hill)
  • How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT by Arun Sharma (Published by McGraw Hill)
  • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT by Nishit K. Sinha
  • CAT Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning by Gautam Puri,Publisher Career Launcher
  • How to prepare for Quantitative for the CAT by Arun Sharma, published by MGH Education
  • Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT by Nishit K Sinha
  • Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT by  Sarvesh K Verma.. Read all about Arun Sharma CAT Books and Nishit K Sinha CAT Books

5.3 Preparing for CAT 2023 with CAT Coaching
CAT coaching institutes help you to prepare for CAT systematically without deviating from your preparation path. While offering smart and intensive preparation for CAT exam 2023, the top CAT coaching institutes help you to minimize the wastage of time with optimum utilization. There are 1 year, 6 months, 3 months and 2 months CAT preparation time modules offered by the good CAT coaching institutes that help you crack CAT with high score. If you need to clear the concepts and build your basics before practicing sessions, CAT toppers and experts suggest to start CAT preparation with a 6 month time margin. The preparation can be self, with the support of CAT online or offline coaching or a mix of both.


5.3.1 Top CAT Coaching Institute in India
The choice of CAT coaching mode depends upon your interest, time, money and preparation level while preparing for CAT 2023 exam. Shared below are the top coaching institutes with their key centres and available options for coaching:

Top CAT 2023 Coaching Institutes
Class room or online Coaching
City wise CAT Preparation Center Location
Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon among total 100+ centres  
Career Launcher
Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon among 80+ centres
Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad among 50+ centres  
Online Coaching via Tablet anywhere in India & Abroad
Online coaching course with videos, quizzes, practice tests, and slideshows. Classroom coaching in Chennai only
Centres across Delhi located in CP, Rajouri Garden, Pitampura, Kailash Colony  
Arun Sharma’s Mindworkzz
Mindworkzz has 3 centres in C P, Delhi and offers online coaching as well
Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune among 20+ centres across India
Offers Online Coaching
Classroom coaching
Centres located in Delhi, Noida
Classroom coaching
CP-Delhi, North Delhi, West Delhi and Gurgaon

CAT Coaching


5.4 Toppers’ Tips for CAT Preparation
Previous CAT Toppers studying at IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Kozhikode, Lucknow, Udaipur, FMS, SPJIMR, MDI have shared with their CAT preparation strategy and how they overcame their weak areas and scored high. The last minute CAT preparation tips from these CAT toppers are very helpful in improving your score in the exam. Check Below   

CAT Topper
Studying At
CAT %ile
Sumedha Srinivasan
IIM Ahmedabad
Chartered Accountant; Asset Management Expert
Padmasandhya S
IIM Ahmedabad
Chartered Accountant; Work Experience at Barclays
Shubham Bajaj
IIM Calcutta
B-Tech in CSE from IEM Kolkata, worked with  Nomura
Nancy Jain
IIM Calcutta
B.Tech from IGDTUW, worked at Tata Motors
Ekansh Gupta
IIM Calcutta
B.Tech, from NIT Jamshedpur. Worked at EXL Services as Risk Analyst for a US bank
Nandan Goel
IIM Calcutta
BMS from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, DU, worked at DE Shaw
Yashvi Bansal
IIM Udaipur
BBA Marketing from Auro University Surat
Venkata Satya SrikarMedisetti
IIM Udaipur
B.Tech from NITK Suratkhal, Worked in a pharmaceutical company

Read 100+ CAT Toppers’ Preparation Strategy 

How A Graphic Designer, Painter with B.Tech- Nancy Jain cracked CAT with 99.72 %ile & Got into IIM Calcutta for MBA 2021

How a BMS Graduate from DU working at DE Shaw, Nandan Goel cracked CAT with 99.95 %ile & Got into IIM Calcutta for MBA 2021

Pragya Malik cracked CAT with 99.52 %ile & Got into IIM Calcutta for MBA 2021

6. CAT Eligibility Criteria 2023
Below are the important points that determine CAT eligibility criteria 2023

  • A candidate with minimum 50% marks in graduation can appear in CAT 2023
  • A final year student in graduation can also appear in CAT 2023 conducted by IIM
  • There is no age limit to apply and appear in CAT 2023

Read More


7. CAT 2023 Registration & Application: CAT 2023 Form Filling Process

  • CAT Registration Date 2023 will open after release of CAT notification
  • CAT 2023 registration process is online
  • You can fill CAT Form 2023 online only on the official CAT website
  • CAT 2023 registration fee is Rs.2400/- for General candidates. CAT exam fee should be paid online only
  • The CAT Form 2023 opens in August first week after release of CAT Notification 2023

Read in detail step by step process how to register and apply for CAT 2023


7.1 CAT Registration Trends
More than 2.55 lakh candidates had registered last year for CAT 2022 exam. In 2021 2.30 Lakh applied for CAT; in 2020, 2.27 lakh candidates applied for CAT and in 2019, more than 2.44 lakh candidates had applied for CAT. It signified that candidates had to compete with more candidates in CAT exam and needed to score high to get shortlisted by top three IIMs and other top MBA colleges.


Although the trends in CAT registrations since 2010 show a downward journey initially, but from 2013 it has been showing a rising registration count reflecting the regaining trust of CAT aspirants and anticipation of better career opportunities after completing MBA/PGP from an IIM or other top B-school


CAT Registration Trends

Source: Research & Analysis 


8. Top Colleges Accepting CAT 2023 with Cut off Percentile
More than Top 100 MBA colleges in India are accepting CAT 2023 score for MBA admission 2024. Apart from 20 IIMs, other top CAT MBA colleges in non-IIM category, include FMS Delhi, MDI Gurgaon, SPJIMR Mumbai, SJMSoM IIT Mumbai, DoMS IIT Delhi among others. Some of the top colleges accepting CAT 2023 with their expected cut offs are as below:


8.1 Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs)

Top IIMs
CAT Cut off percentile (Minimum criteria)
IIM Udaipur
IIM Rohtak

8.2 Top MBA Colleges in Non-IIM Category
Following are the CAT cut off for top MBA colleges in India

Top B Schools
Expected CAT 2023 Cut Off Percentile

Check and Read all about the CAT Accepting Colleges


8.3 MBA Programmes Offered by IIMs through CAT
Apart from being the most important entrance test for the 2 years full time post graduate management program (MBA/PGDM), CAT 2023 is the gateway for one year MBA programmes in IIMs and other prominent management institutes.Following are the various management programmes at IIMs in which admission 2023 is available through Common Admission Test 2023

Indian Institute of Management (IIM)
MBA Programmes Open for Admission 2024 through CAT 2023
IIM Ahmedabad
IIM Amritsar
MBA, EMBA, MBA-Business Analytics, MBA-HRM
IIM Bangalore
IIM Bodh Gaya
IIM Calcutta
IIM Indore
IIM Jammu
IIM Kashipur
MBA, MBA (Analytics), EMBA
IIM Kozhikode
PGP, PGP-BL, PGP-F, PGP-LSM, EPGP (At Kochi campus)
IIM Lucknow
IIM Nagpur
IIM Raipur
IIM Ranchi
PGP, PGP-HRM, PGP (Business Analytics)
IIM Rohtak
IIM Sambalpur
MBA, Executive MBA
IIM Shillong
IIM Sirmaur
IIM Tiruchirappalli
IIM Udaipur
IIM Visakhapatnam

9. CAT 2023 Important Dates
Following are the CAT 2023 important dates like CAT Notification date, CAT exam date, and for other different activities related to the CAT exam 2023:

CAT Important Dates
CAT Notification Date 2023
July 30, 2023
CAT Registration Start Date
August 4, 2023
CAT 2023 Last Date to Apply
September 15, 2023 
CAT 2023 Registration & Application Fee
CAT 2023 Admit card Download Start date
October 25, 2023
Last Date for CAT 2023 Admit Card Download
November 26, 2023
CAT 2023 Exam date
November 26, 2023
CAT 2023 Result date
January 4, 2024

10. CAT 2023 Admit Card
CAT 2023 Admit Card download will start from October 2023 last week, immediately with the release of the CAT hall ticket by IIMs. IIMs will upload the CAT 2023 Admit card on official CAT exam website 2023. The CAT admit card release date may be extended by a few days in case the last date of registration for CAT 2023 exam is extended. The last date to download the CAT Admit Card is CAT 2023 exam date. 


3 Steps to Download CAT 2023 Admit Card

  1. Logon to CAT official Website
  2. Enter CAT Login ID & Password & Click on ‘Admit Card’
  3. Click on Download & Take Print of CAT Admit card

11. CAT 2023 Result & IIMs’ Admission Process
CAT 2023 exam official result declaration date is 2nd week of January 2024. However, IIMs release the CAT result much earlier. Last year also, CAT 2022 result was released as early as on Dec 21, 2022 instead of officially announced date of Jan second week. It is likely that CAT 2023 result may be released on January 4, 2024 or earlier, in morning hours. Immediately after the CAT result declaration, IIMs will start announcing their shortlist on the basis of CAT scores and other parameters in their shortlisting criteria for final selection round. The final admission offer will be made to the candidates in the months of April/May 2024 by IIMs


IIMs release their individual admission process after CAT notification. The admission process in IIMs depends upon your performance in three major areas – Your CAT 2023 exam score; your academic record and performance in Personal Interview round. There are three stages through which IIM Admission Process is completed, they are:

  • Stage-1: Performance in CAT Exam
  • Stage-2: Shortlisting by IIMs for PI round
  • Stage-3: IIMs Final Selection Process 2024 comprising WAT & PI Round

Your final admission offer depends upon your performance in all the above three stages of IIMs selection process. While the older IIMs conduct their individual selection process, 9 new and baby IIMs conduct common admission process (CAP) for admission. Remaining IIMs conduct their individual selection process.


11.1 Top IIMs Conduct Individual Admission Process
IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Indore, Kozhikode, Shillong individually shortlist the candidates and conduct their own admission process that award high weightage to academics, diversity, work experience apart from CAT exam score


11.2 Common Admission Process (CAP) for 9 IIMs
The final selection process at 9 new IIMs is conducted as a common process. One of the six new IIMs co-ordinates this selection process which is referred to as Common Admission Process (CAP). The CAP 2024 will consist of common WAT and PI round for 9 new IIMs namely IIM Kashipur, Raipur, Ranchi,  Trichy,Udaipur and some of the newest IIMs like IIM Bodhgaya, Sambalpur, Sirmaur, Jammu.


11.3 IIM Nagpur, IIM Rohtak, IIM Visakhapatnam to conduct individual admission process
IIM Nagpur, IIM Rohtak and IIM Visakhapatnam do not participate in CAP round and conduct their own final selection process to make admission offer to the students. The final admission offers will be generated as per the merit lists prepared on the basis of CAT scores, Academic profile, Work experience and gender diversity in accordance with the weightage awarded to each of these factors.  


12. Important Changes in CAT over the Years
Journey of IIM-CAT has witnessed substantial changes. In recent years, number of sections and type of questions in CAT have changed substantially. Important changes in pattern and conduct of CAT are shared below: 

  • CAT has changed from Paper Based to Computer based test
  • CAT now has 3 sections instead of 2
  • CAT has introduced 25 to 30 percent questions with No Negative marking

CAT Exam pattern over the past 12 years since it was computerized in 2009 has gone for perceptible changes. CAT paper pattern prior to 2009 was paper-pen based. CAT exam format was changed from paper based exam to CAT online computer based test in 2009. Even after that CAT paper pattern continued changing from 3 sections to 2 and then CAT pattern was changed to 3 sections in 2015. Since then CAT is following similar pattern. CAT 2023 pattern also remains the same as that of CAT exam 2023 pattern with 3 sections and 3 hours time although the number of MCQs and Non-MCQs may change.


13. Important Points about CAT 2023
Key points to note about CAT exam are given below:


13.1 When CAT is Conducted?

  • CAT is conducted annually.
  • Now conducted preferably on the last Sunday of November every year
  • The exam is conducted on a single day in three sessions – morning, afternoon and evening with a duration of 2 hours for each session. From 2015 to 2019, CAT was 3 hour, two session exam.
  • The change in sessions and time duration was made due to Covid-19 pandemic.

13.2 What is Mode of CAT?
CAT is a computer based entrance test of two hours duration


13.3 When to look for CAT Notification and complete CAT Information?
IIMs release all the details about CAT in leading news papers on the last Sunday of July every year. A day before this publication, the CAT convener sends the press release with important details about CAT on the designated web portals. The process to register and apply for CAT starts in the 1st week of August.


13.4 How difficult is CAT?
Despite being a highly competitive and most important MBA entrance exam in India, the difficulty level of CAT is considered moderate to high.


13.5 Scoring Pattern in CAT
Each correct answer in CAT is awarded with 3 marks. The raw score obtained in CAT is converted to scaled score and then converted to percentile score after allowing for equating and normalizing the scores for both the sessions in CAT.


IIMs and other top MBA colleges consider percentile awarded in CAT to shortlist the candidates for final selection round.


14. FAQs on CAT: Answers by Experts


Q. How many Questions are expected in CAT 2023?
CAT 2023 exam is expected to consist of 66 questions


Q. How difficult is the CAT exam
While some of the questions are of moderate difficulty level, some are more difficult


Q. Do IIMs provide any document and guide how to attempt CAT 2023 Exam?
IIMs release CAT practice test with complete navigation guide on the official website You can familiarize yourself with the functionality and navigation of the actual exam. You can also attempt CAT Mock Tests and CAT previous years question papers with answers at

Q. Quant and DI questions in CAT require too much calculations. Can I take a calculator to the testing centre?
No, but the onscreen calculator is available throughout the exam. You can use that


Q. What is the Scoring Pattern in CAT 2023? Do the wrong answers carry any penalty of negative marking?
The CAT question paper is divided into MCQs and Non-MCQs. Each correct answer in CAT 2023 is awarded +3 marks for all the questions but the MCQs carry a penalty of -1 mark for each wrong answer. For the Non-MCQs (Known as TITA Questions), there is no penalty of negative marking. Besides there is no penalty for any unattempted questions whether MCQ or Non-MCQ.


Q. How a Non-MCQ is different from MCQ type question?
For a non-MCQ type question, you must type the answer in the given space while for the MCQ you only need to click on the most appropriate answer option


Q. What is the number of Non-MCQs overall and section wise in the CAT question paper?
Out of the total overall questions in CAT exam, there are about 25% Non-MCQs. The same principle applies to each section. Exact number of Non-MCQs in CAT 2023 depends upon the total questions in the Exam.


Q. Can I choose the order of sections while attempting the CAT question paper?
No, You should answer the sections in a pre-specified order. This order is same for all the candidates. Besides, each section has an individual time limit of 40 minutes, so after the individual section time is over, you will be taken to next section automatically.


Q. Can I submit the paper early and leave the test center before the exam time is over?
No, the CAT paper cannot be submitted before the test duration of 2 hours is over. You can neither leave your seat, nor can leave the test centre early

CAT 2021 Slot - 1 Question Paper with Answers - Download Here
CAT Paper for Quantitative Ability - Download Here
CAT Paper for VARC Section - Download Here
CAT Paper for DILR section - Download Here
CAT Solved Question Paper with Answer Key- VARC-DILR-QUANT - Download Here
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CAT 2022 Slot 2 Exam Analysis
CAT 2022 Slot 3 Exam Analysis
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Exam dates and schedule

  • Notification date: 30-07-2023 06:00 AM (Tentative)
    Registration – Online: 04-08-2023 10:00 AM to 15-09-2023 05:00 PM (Tentative)
    Admit Card Release: 25-10-2023 10:00 AM (Tentative)
    Exam Date & Timings- Online: Sunday, November 26, 2023 - 09:30 (Confirm)
    Result: 04-01-2024 05:00 PM (Tentative)

CAT toppers

Sakshat Goel,
CAT 2018 - 99.21 Percentile ....
Tushar Goel,
CAT 2018 - 98.89 Percentile ....
Krupa Bathia , Jamnagar
CAT 2017 - 99.95 Percentile ....
Saswat Gupta, Delhi
CAT 2017 - 99.91 Percentile ....
Kumar Ravi, Munger
CAT 2017 - 99.99 Percentile ....
Karan Mohan Singh , Noida
CAT 2017 - 99.91 Percentile ....
Palash Jhawar , Surat
CAT 2017 - 99.51 Percentile ....
Adarsh Srivastava , Gurugram
CAT 2017 - 98.99 Percentile ....
Chhandak Biswas , Silchar
CAT 2017 - 97.97 Percentile ....
Aashima Garg , Palwal
CAT 2017 - 96.40 Percentile ....

CAT Eligibility Criteria 2023

CAT Eligibility Criteria 2023: No Requirement of 50% or 45% Minimum Marks in Graduation

CAT 2023 Eligibility criteria to apply for CAT exam also qualifies as the eligibility criteria for IIM admission 2024. If you qualify all the CAT eligibility criteria including CAT eligibility criteria on Academics, Age and all other parameters, you will become eligible for IIM Admission 2024 without paying any extra application fee. CAT 2023 exam is scheduled on November 26, 2023 in 3 slots and the application process with CAT exam eligibility 2023 begins in August 2023 first week. Now you need to get ready to check your CAT 2023 eligibility criteria to apply for CAT 2023 exam in the month of August 2023.


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CAT Registration 2023: Opens in August 1st Week; Check Fees, Step by Step Process

CAT Registration 2023: Opens in August 1st Week; Check Fees, Step by Step Process

Latest Update: 

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CAT Application Form 2023: Opens in Aug first week; Check Guidelines, Step by Step Process

Latest Update: 

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CAT Syllabus 2023: Latest Section wise CAT Exam Syllabus

CAT Syllabus 2023: Check & Download Latest CAT Exam Syllabus with Revised CAT Exam Pattern 


Latest Updates:

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CAT Exam Pattern 2023: Check Here New Section Wise Pattern and Marking Scheme

CAT 2023 Exam Pattern: Exam on Nov 26; Check Overall & Sectional Composition, Scoring pattern, Weightage, CAT Vs other exams

CAT 2023 exam date is November 26, 2023 and the exam will be conducted in three slots of two hours each. The exam pattern for CAT 2023 is completely changed with fewer number of questions by IIM Lucknow which is conducting CAT this year. Some of the features in CAT exam pattern – like number of sections, scoring pattern, sectional and overall time limit are not changed.


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CAT Notification 2023: Date, Check How to Download PDF, Key Information to Check

CAT Notification 2023 (Release) on July 30, 2023: Check How to Download Pdf, Top B-schools, Key Information to Check


IIM Lucknow will release CAT 2023 Notification on July 30, 2023 on the official exam website and on web-portals through a Media Release.


Latest Updates

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Self Preparation for CAT 2023

CAT 2023 Self Preparation: How to Crack CAT with Self preparation - Books, Strategy, Tips by Toppers 


Likely CAT exam date is November 26, 2023. The exam offers tough competition to get into IIMs or other top B-schools. A large number of CAT toppers crack CAT with self preparation and more than 60-70 percent CAT aspirants preferred self-preparation in the past also by making a well devised Self Study plan for CAT Exam Preparation at home on their own. Accordingly self preparation for CAT is a good idea as per the experience of the past CAT toppers who were not only able to crack CAT with self preparation but also scored high enough to get a seat in one of the top IIMs.


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CAT Online Preparation 2023

CAT online Preparation: Best & Cost Effective CAT Preparation Module


CAT 2023 Exam is likely to be conducted by IIM Lucknow on Sunday November 26, 2023 in 155+ cities in India as a computer based test. Due to Covid pandemic rising again, the top coaching institutes are largely offering CAT preparation online 2023 instead of class room coaching.


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CAT Preparation 2023: How to Prepare for CAT Exam, Tips and Material

CAT Preparation 2023: Exam on Nov 26; Check Your 6 Month Prep Plan; How to prepare - Books, Strategy, Options, Tips by Toppers 


Latest Updates

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CAT Preparation Books: Best Books, Section-Wise CAT 2023 Books

If you are preparing for CAT 2023 exam with an aim of getting admission in 2024 in one of the top 3-4 IIMs, FMS or other top MBA colleges accepting CAT, the best time to prepare for the exam is now. Reading the CAT preparation books could be the best preparation strategy for you.


However, with so many CAT preparation books flooding the market, it is not only difficult but also confusing to choose the best and most relevant preparation books for CAT exam. Making the right choice of subject wise CAT preparation books to crack CAT 2023 is the first step in your CAT preparation journey.


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Verbal Ability for CAT 2023: Pattern, Expected Questions, How to Prepare, Tips

Verbal Ability (VA) section in CAT focuses on your English grammar and sentence formation skills. The Verbal Ability for CAT questions are part of the Verbal Ability Reading Comprehension section which carry a high weightage of 34 to 36 percent in the entire CAT exam. The Verbal Ability for CAT Questions are based on English Language, Grammar, Vocabulary, correct understanding of paragraph, para summary among other key topics. 


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CAT Mock Test by IIM

Official CAT Mock Test 2023 will be available in October 2023 last week with complete details how to attempt actual CAT exam on November 26, 2023 as per the revised CAT 2023 test pattern on official CAT exam website CAT 2023 official mock test is considered as the replica test of actual CAT exam pattern. This IIM CAT Mock test contains all the details about the expected number of questions, overall and sectional time duration, how to navigate among other important guidelines for actual CAT test paper.


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Reading Comprehension For CAT 2023: RC Tips For CAT, RC Questions

Reading Comprehension or RC is the most important section in CAT exam. It commands highest sectional as well as overall weightage in CAT exam score. Out of the three sections in CAT exam, the first Section consists of Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC) topics with major share of Reading Comprehension questions. Read below the important of RC based questions in IIM-CAT exam, weightage, Key Trends, what is the composition, how to prepare, how to solve RC based questions and more


Table of Contents

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Data Interpretation for CAT 2023: DI Questions and Answers, Pattern, Tips & Tricks

Preparing for the Data Interpretation for CAT 2023 is an important part of overall CAT preparation. It commands 16% weightage in overall CAT exam and 50% weightage in DILR section. Scoring high in Data Interpretation can take you through the IIMs admission process. Read below all about the DI for CAT-What it is, its importance, composition, type of questions, how to prepare and others


Table of Contents

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Logical Reasoning for CAT 2023: Composition, Best Books, Previous Year Questions, Toppers’ Tips

Logical Reasoning section in CAT exam is as important as other sections. If you can develop good logic and apply it in your approach to understand and solve a Reasoning problem, you can learn faster than those who find it difficult to logically approach a problem. So, how to prepare Logical Reasoning for CAT, depends upon your understanding of topics and type of CAT Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers that appear in CAT LR section.


LR preparation for CAT therefore, depends upon how much efforts and practice on variety of LR questions you have done. Read Table of Contents below and details of each point mentioned in it:


CAT LR: Table of Contents

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Quantitative Aptitude for CAT 2023

CAT 2023 Quantitative Ability: Pattern, Difficulty Level, Topics, How to Prepare-Toppers’ Tips


Quantitative Ability (QA) in CAT exam is the last and 3rd but most important section which can improve or reduce your CAT score substantially. CAT Quantitative Aptitude questions contribute 34% share in overall CAT exam . Out of 3 sections in CAT exam with 66 questions, the QA section has 22 questions which are divided into MCQs with negative marking and Non-MCQs without negative marking. Go through Table of Contents below to understand the composition and pattern of QA section in CAT, key topics, preparation strategy, best books and more


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CAT Question Papers | CAT Previous Year Question Papers

CAT Question Papers & Answers: Download PDF Free with Pattern & Percentile Predictions


CAT Previous Year Papers are the best guide and best preparation tool to prepare as per exact CAT question pattern. Giving high importance to CAT papers, the CAT toppers and experts are of the view that by attempting more and more CAT Previous Years (Past) Solved Question Papers, your CAT preparation comes to a final stage and you are well aware about the topics and question pattern according to which you should approach the test paper on CAT exam day.  


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CAT Sample Paper 2023

CAT 2023 Sample Papers are the right source to boost your CAT preparation level. With the help of CAT sample papers, you can assess your CAT 2023 preparation as these papers, prepared by experts are based and updated as per the revised CAT exam pattern. The Sample Question Papers For CAT 2023 will guide you about the probable CAT questions 2023.  


The CAT sample paper pdf consists of probable CAT questions with answers of varying difficulty level. These Sample Question Papers for CAT 2023 can be attempted online and are based on actual CAT papers.


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CAT 2022 Exam Date and Timings

CAT Exam 2022 date is Sunday, November 27, 2022 and the CAT exam timings will remain divided in three slots – Morning, Afternoon and Evening. There will be hardly a few minutes gap between the preceding CAT exam slot getting over, and beginning of reporting for next CAT exam slot. IIM Bangalore is conducting CAT 2022 exam after a gap of five years. Earlier IIM Bangalore conducted CAT in 2016.

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CAT Mock Test: Free CAT Mock Tests 2023

CAT 2023 Mock Test: Take 10+ Full Length Free Online CAT Mock Tests & Quizzes; 1000+ questions with solutions On CAT Pattern


If you are seriously preparing for CAT exam 2023 and wish to score high percentile, it is necessary to attempt more and more Mock Tests to get ready for CAT exam day. This article, prepared by experts contains full length and sectional Mocks with low and high difficulty level for CAT exam 2023 as per latest CAT exam pattern.


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CAT Online Coaching 2023: Top Preparation Institutes, Fee, Offerings

CAT Coaching Institutes can be broadly divided into two types: Classroom CAT Coaching Institutes (like TIME, IMS, CL) and Online CAT Coaching Institutes (think Byjus and 2IIM). Due to rising popularity of Online programs, traditional Classroom Coaching Institutes have started offering Online coaching in a big way. All three top players, ie TIME, CL and IMS are offering many online coaching programs for CAT 2023. In last few years, Online Coaching Institutes like Byjus and 2IIM have improved their offering by incorporating student feedback. Then there is free CAT online coaching material available also.  


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CAT Coaching: Best CAT Coaching Institutes in India 2023, Best CAT Coaching Centres

Top CAT Coaching Centres: Check List of Best Institutes with Fees, Modes of Coaching in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore and 15 + Cities


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CAT Admit Card 2022: Download Link at, CAT Hall Ticket

CAT Admit Card 2022 Released, Check Download Link, How to Download CAT Hall Ticket


CAT 2022 Admit card has been released on October 27. You can download it now. Read this article to check CAT Download Link and How to Download CAT Hall Ticket. You must download CAT Admit Card 2022 now and take print on A4 size paper.


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CAT Percentile Predictor 2022: Check CAT Percentile Predictor & Calculator

CAT 2022 exam result has been released on December 21, 2022 at 5 PM. Check your percentile with CAT 2022 Percentile Predictor with precise prediction of your nearest percentile


Latest Update
CAT results are out! You can download your CAT Score Card from the CAT exam website.

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IIM Call Predictor 2023: CAT College Predictor

IIM & B-school Call Predictor 2023: Predictions Based on CAT Result 2022 for Top MBA Colleges; Check Cutoffs 


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CAT Exam Analysis 2022: Slot 1, Slot 2 and Slot 3 CAT 2022 Exam Analysis

CAT 2022 Analysis: With Fewer Non-MCQs, Total Questions remain same; DILR Easy, VARC Pattern Changed; Overall Moderate Difficulty Exam; Check Cut offs


CAT 2022 Exam got over on November 27, 2022 in three slots in 150+ Cities at 400+ test centres. expert team took the exam to assess the key changes in exam pattern, difficulty level, changes in cut offs for top B-schools Check Complete CAT Analysis Below.


2.56 lakh candidates had applied for CAT 2022 and after a10% absentees,  more than 2.15 lakhs are believed to have appeared in the exam in Morning, Afternoon and Evening sessions. has been the first to release CAT analysis immediately after the exam is over

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CAT Exam Centers 2022: Check State Wise Test Centers List

CAT 2022 will be held in 158 test cities at more than 400 exam centres across the country. All the 10 test cities of Delhi NCR have been split into separate test cities. Earlier IIMs clubbed all these Delhi NCR cities into one exam city as NCR. The applicants who are planning to choose Delhi, New Delhi, Noida, Gurugram. Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Panipat, Greater Noida and others, can choose any 6 preferred test cities.


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CAT Answer Key 2022: Released, Check CAT Answer key & Score

CAT Answer Key 2022: Released on December 1; How to Download & Check CAT Answer key & Score


IIM Bangalore has released the CAT 2022 exam answer key on Dec 1, for all the 2.22 lakh candidates who appeared in CAT Exam on November 27. After all the 3 slots of CAT 2022 exam have got over on November 27, 2022, IIM Bangalore has released the candidate response sheet and official CAT answer key to enable the test takers to check their answers and calculate their CAT score as per revised CAT scoring scheme. 


Latest Update

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CAT Result 2022: Released, Check How to Download Your Score Card

Latest Update

CAT 2022 result has been released by IIM Bangalore on December 21, 2022 at 5 PM instead of earlier announced CAT result date second week of January. You can download your CAT Score card from official CAT website in a single click after login with your CAT ID and password.


CAT 2022 Result: Key Highlights

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CAT Score Vs Percentile 2022

CAT Score Vs Percentile: Result Out; Check Your CAT Score Vs Percentile,  Conversion Process, Top Colleges


CAT 2022 result was out on December 21, 2022 for 2.22 lakh test takers. 11 candidates all Male, including 10 Engineers and 1 Non-Engineer, have scored 100 percentile while 22 candidates, including 1 Female, have scored 99.99 percentile  and 22 Candidates, including 3 Females, have scored 99.98 percentile. CAT 2022 exam was conducted on Nov 27, 2022 in 3 slots. Based on the slot wise difficulty level, IIM Bangalore has converted Raw CAT score to scaled score and then to CAT percentile as detailed below:


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